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Jan 12, 2013
Tehachapi, CA
Cameron Cribben, a skipper on the Vagabond Sportfishing boat asked me to eliminate the clutter at the helm of the boat. He pointed to the three space paper sorter, pen cup, cup holder for two cups and various small trays; all of which were mismatched and, in a word, cheesy. What he wanted was a single good looking object to unify the storage. The space was oddly triangular as the helm curves. The boat has genuine mahogany wood everywhere and the wood is beautiful. Here is what I came up with using African mahogany mostly cut in the quartersawn orientation. I’m pretty sure they will get some custom mahogany pens with the delivery. There will be no charge as I’ve fished this boat since the early 1990’s and really like both skippers - Mike Lackey & Cameron Cribben, the crew, chefs and the Vagabond. I hope Mike likes it.

Nothing can rust or corrode since it is all solid African mahogany and some TiteBond III glue.


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