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Old Lar

Dec 26, 2009
Sturgis, SD
My pen collector stopped by last night and picked up a few pens she ordered last spring. She and I both get busy in the summer so she didn't mind the wait for them. Three are trustone, a white buffalo closed end with a recessed clip, a gaspeite closed end with no clip, a yellow coral electra with a closed end. The others are an acrylic vertex and the last is cedar with a closed end, cedar tip on the cap and cedar center band ring that you can't see. She ordered 6 more and looked through some blanks from exotics for the future.
She is anticipating my first kitless pens. I have to say she has advanced my turning skill by leaps and bounds. As usual, my pictures are mediocre but I am working on that too.


  • White Buffalo Trustone FP adj.jpg
    White Buffalo Trustone FP adj.jpg
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  • Gaspite FP adj.jpg
    Gaspite FP adj.jpg
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  • Coral FP-adj.jpg
    Coral FP-adj.jpg
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  • Vertex FP-Acrylic adj.jpg
    Vertex FP-Acrylic adj.jpg
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  • Cedar FP adj.jpg
    Cedar FP adj.jpg
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