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Dec 22, 2017
Wolf Creek Montana
Every year about this time our local Wolf Creek Volunteer Fire Department hosts a Spaghetti feed, all you can eat, and it's great and plenty of food. Along with the supper is a silent auction that I always donate to. This year due to Covid the dinner had to be cancelled. These are some extremely fine and better than great women and men who donate their time and energy, let alone facing the dangers that come with what they do. So this year I made contact with one of the board members and said I would still like to donate some items that could be displayed at our local gas station for a drawing. I'm hoping that the out-of-towner's will be willing to purchase a ticket of an authentic "Made in Montana" item. Like I told Kim, the board member, even if the items just bring in $400.00, it's $400.00 they don't have now. So I'm hoping for the best and will deliver these to her tomorrow for the drawing. Thanks for looking.
Left to right- Etched Skinner in Claro Walnut, Fly fishing pen in Koa and Bird/Trout knife in Claro Walnut.

WCVFD drawing.jpg
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