***Sold*** New Rockler Mini Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tools, 3-Piece Set

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Sep 10, 2017
Dallas, TX

I have an extra set of Rockler Mini Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tools, 3-Piece Set that I do not need. I bought two of these sets a couple of years ago as I thought I would have a friend who wanted to turn as well, but that never materialized. Its been setting in a drawer unused so its time to make room. Here is a link to the Rocker website for specific information:

Rockler 3-pcs Mini Carbide Tools

As per the website, they are currently $186.99, I will take $120 as I think I paid less than the current price while on sale. You will also pay for the actual shipping charges as per discount shipping (Pirate Shipping). If you are interested, please claim in this post and send me a DM with your address and I can get you the shipping charge. Payment via PayPal (family and friends) is preferred, but can also do a check. Thanks, David

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