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Apr 3, 2006
Bellflower, CA, USA.
One of the nice things aboujt having a geographically closer group is that doing a group buy could be cheaper.

I've done purchasing, when I owned, from China and found that it was pretty straight-forward. One the suppliers I've used is Xiamen Rizheng ( ). They are a supplier for PSI, WoodnWhimsies and Woodturningz. They don't have any of the higher end kits but do carry Cigars, Slims, Euros, Polaris, Sierra, Teacher and more.

There platings are limited and I usually buy only the chrome kits.

When ordering from them, or anyone in China, the initial shipping charge is high (about $21) and levels off a lot after about $60-$70 worth of product.

If you have a suggestion for a group buy, post it!:cool:
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