Six wood pen blank lots - burl, rosewood, spalt, more

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Jun 12, 2018
chelsea, MA
Six lots as follows. Individual lot prices do not include shipping. One lot ships for five dollars (USPS regular), more for $8 total (USPS flat rate). Blanks are min 5 x 0.625" square, but most are 0.75". Please make a claiming post in thread to avoid confusion, and we will sort out details via pm.

Lot 1: lace sheoak, canxan negro burl, Paela burl - $15

Lot 2: professionally stabilized mango, camphor burl, professionally stabilized eucalyptus burl - $15. All are jumbo length.

Lot 3: Brazilian tulipwood, Brazilian rosewood, cocobolo, African blackwood, east Indian rosewood - $15

Lot 4: three elm burl - $12

Lot 5: spalted black birch, Two very different black and white ebony, African blackwood W sap - $12

Lot 6: three Chechen - $5

If you make my life easier by buying all, I will send for $65 shipped.

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