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Feb 22, 2005
OK seems we solved the problem with the thin Gluboost and the whips used. Now I am a huge user of Silmar41 over the years and even though I have switched to Liquid Diamonds epoxy resin for many pours these days I still go back to my roots with Silmar. Let me lay the question out by first saying I am sure everyone knows the proper way to pour liquid out of a gallon can. Being the pour neck is always closest to a corner of the gallon, many people pour from the short side of the gallon and of course they get a mess. The proper way is to pour from the long end of the gallon and what this does is allow air to get behind the liquid and cause a nice even pour. The other way all the liquid covers the opening and no air can get behind the liquid. Try it on a gallon of milk and you will see the difference.

But with that said and that theory and the many times I pour from a gallon of Silmar to get ready for a small pour, no matter which way I turn the gallon can and pour it still makes a mess over the rim and I am cleaning up more as a waste. I believe alot has to do with the consistency of this liquid as opposed to water like liquids. Now following my explanation I do say I get less of a mess pouring from the long end but still a mess. So my question is how does everyone pour silmar into a small container without making a mess. Now I like to keep remaining resin in gallon can because they seal real well and I do not use often enough to pour into smaller containers. any tricks for this situation??


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Feb 6, 2005
Tunica, Mississippi,
I'm not sure what the size of the opening is, or even if there is one standard size, but here is one that I assume is a 5 gallon opening:

It sure seems like there should be one that would work. Of course, most can top designs, or choice for their cans are made from a watery liquid point of view instead of a much thicker viscosity solution.

SORRY, Just re-read the link above. It is for the whole gallon top, not a pour spout!
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