Seven lots of burl and other fancy material, odd sizes

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Jun 12, 2018
chelsea, MA
This post is a bit of an experiment. Seven lots, all nice material but all off in some way - too large, too small, etc.

Lot 1: professionally stabilized spalted maple blank, 6 x 1.25 x 1.125", $15.

Lot 2: labelled Chinese tallow but questionable to me bc it doesn't look like the wood I can find. But seriously funky bug holes with black patterning that should make for striking blanks. 7 x 1.875 x 1.875". $10

Lot 3: jumbo domestic burl pen blanks. Probably maple, but came in a large unidentified box. All 0.75" square. 6.25, 6.75, and 7" long. $15.

Lot 4: sold

Lot 5: sold

Lot 6: not as stunning professionally stabilized Tasmanian Blackwood Burl spindle, 5 x 1.125 x 1". Has cracking at one end. $9.

Lot 7: 50y dried pink ivory, 8.25 x 0.875 x 0.875", $6

Shipping is additional. It's $5 for any one lot, $8 total for two or more up to all. If you make my life easier by buying all, I will eat shipping charges and a bit more. Say $75 shipped for all.

If interested, please post in thread so there is no confusion. We will sort out details via pm.



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