Segmented Gisi pen blanks

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Jun 22, 2017
Boulder, Colorado
I have built up a small inventory of pen blanks that I would like to offer to my IAP friends.

These are all tubed for Sierra/clones. Most are roughed, with a couple that are finished and ready to install in you favorite kit. These require Carbide tools. If you are nice enough to purchase one of these I will send you a few specific instruction on how to finish them.

Prices include shipping to U.S. addresses. I am willing to ship international at whatever additional cost passed to you.


Gisi blanks.JPG

Sold Gisi #1 Tubed Roughed, $40Gisi 1 (1).JPGGisi 1 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Redwood Burl

Gisi #2 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 2 (1).JPGGisi 2 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl

Gisi#3 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 3 (1).JPG Gisi 3 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Curly Mango

GIsi #4 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 4 (1).JPGGisi 4 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl

SOLD Gisi #5 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 5 (1).JPG Gisi 5 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Buckeye Burl

Gisi #6 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 6 (1).JPG Gisi 6 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Black ash burl

Gisi #7 Tubed Roughed, $40 Gisi 7 (1).JPG Gisi 7 (2).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Exhibition grade curly Koa

Gisi #8 Finished pen blank $60 Gisi 8 (3).JPGGisi 8 (2).JPGGisi 8 (1).JPG
Maple Dyed Burl, Curly Mango. @ 5 hours to finish this blank

Gisi #9 Finished Pen blnnk $60Gisi 9 (3).JPGGisi 9 (1).JPGGisi 9 (2).JPG

Dyed Maple Burl, Exhibition grade curly Koa. 14 segments in the center band alone.
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