Scheduling a Cntral Texas Meeting

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Aug 13, 2005
Belton, TX 76513
I apologize for keep putting this off but things sometimes get in the way. I had hoped to have a meeting in March or April but cataract surgery, shows, and "beans and taters" job keep pushing things.

I am looking at scheduling something for June but I believe we need to consider when local high school graduations occur. Of course, getting into June means folks may be scheduling vacations.

If someone would like to schedule something at their place for April or May...way cool. My shop can be available in June otherwise. I do have air conditioning to keep the shop at a reasonable temp for the meeting.

Let me hear some thoughts.


Sep 3, 2009
San Antonio, TX 78247
Hi Rick. June can be a bad month as you indicated especially for those with younger families. I have no problem with early June and would look forward to it. June is the date for National AAW Symposium for those that attend it. As always, thanks for offering your place which is fairly convenient for us San Antonio folks.
Keep us posted and let us all know how we can help. I'm sure we could have a few from here to attend. Are there any specific demos you would have in mind - maybe we could come up with something.
Look forward to an opportunity to attend.
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