Saturday Afternoon Curly Koa Cigar

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Jun 9, 2017
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
Greetings from Nebraska!

I needed a distraction this afternoon as I am impatiently waiting for stabilizing equipment and materials to arrive. I hope to have everything I need next week. So, I found a piece of stabilized Curly Koa in my blank supply along with a couple of pieces that are not stabilized. I'm planning on doing a comparison between the purchased stabilized blank I turned today and one made from the Koa I will stabilize when my new rig gets here. Anyhow, here is how it turned out pressed into a Satin Gold Cigar.


PS The fit between the upper and lower sections looks off in the pictures, but it doesn't up close. It must be from some kind of reflection in the lower bevel in the black ring.

IMG_1227 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1226 Cropped.jpg
IMG_1228 Cropped.jpg
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