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Dec 5, 2003
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Using the IAP Trades, Gifts, & Wants Forum
The Trades, Gifts, & Wants Forum has several purposes.
  • Trade: You want to trade items
  • Giveaway: You're giving stuff away for no more than the cost of shipping
  • Wanted: Posts like "does anyone have..." or "where can I buy..."
The General Marketplace Rules also apply in this forum.

There is no cost to post in the Deals Trades Gifts & Wants Forum

Qualified Items: The Deals Trades Gifts & Wants Forum is intended for trading and giving things away. This might be a few extra kits you don’t need, a used lathe or tool, some extra blanks, or similar items related to pen making or general workshop activities. You are also welcome to list camera and computer items.

There are very few rules in this forum. We depend on your courtesy, common sense, and respect for others to keep the forum uncluttered and running smoothly. Please limit your conversation to things directly related to the item.

Please select a thread tag when you create the thread; Trade, Giveaway, or Wanted.
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