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Dec 5, 2003
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Vendor Cheers & Jeers
The Vendor Cheers & Jeers Forum is a place to register your positive or negative experience with vendors.

If you want to review a product, head on over to the Product Testing & Review Forum.

The General Marketplace Rules also apply in this forum.

The vendors you post about don’t have to be participants at However, they must sell products or services related in some way to penmaking, and you must be commenting about products or services ordered within the previous 30 days.

When you cheer a vendor, make it over things the vendor has control over, such as product quality, selection, price, etc. It’s not really very helpful to point out that the postal service got your package there quickly (unless you’re cheering the postal service!)

Think carefully before you make a negative post about a vendor. Post your factual experiences, but don’t use this forum as a means to resolve your grievance. Work with the vendor to resolve your issue, then post your experience, good or bad. Negative posts proven to be factually incorrect will be removed.

It would be most helpful if you included the following information with your post:
  • Name of the business including web address.
  • In what manner did you place your order? Over the phone? Thru a website? Email?
  • The nature of the items that you ordered (pen kits, lathe chuck, etc).
  • Provide an objective and subjective evaluation of your experience.
  • Will you order from this vendor again? Why or why not?
Please "Tag" your post as a Cheer, Jeer, or Review. The "thread tag" dropdown is next to the thread title in the new thread window. Cheers & Jeers are short posts, maybe 2-3 sentences. Reviews are longer descriptions of your experience with a vendor.

  • Review recent experiences; within 30 days.
  • Focus! Do not mention competing vendors in any thread.
  • Threads are subject to closure after one week.
  • Be ethical and honest. Add a disclaimer if you know you should. (Disclaimers might include: "My son owns the company", or "I sell blanks to the company", or "I got my stuff for free in exchange for this review." This lets readers judge the value and credibility of your post.
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