Richmond Penturners September 8, 2016

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.
Next Penturners Meeting is Thursday September 8.

Richmond Woodcraft
6:30 pm

1. Show off your pens

2. RVA Makerfest. Along with the Richmond Woodturners, we will have a booth at RVA Makerfest held at the Science Museum September 24, 9:30-5:00. Its free. For our booth there will be a pen display of up to 40 pens in a locked case. I would like to borrow 1 or 2 pens from willing members. Looking for all different types from beginner to advanced and I will take good care of them. Just don’t bring one you couldn’t part with for a few months. This is a good chance to build some membership. Please bring pens to meeting. I will return to next meeting or before if I see you.

3. Next meeting (November) – Will be making snake skin blanks. For somewhere between $3 and $5, you will get a tube, some skin and instructions on how to make a blank. Will even have a few stations of slow speed turners to build up a CA finish in lieu of casting.

4. Demo – Cody Walker will demo how he makes blanks with mother of pearl and abalone. This will also be a hands-on demo. For $6 you will get a “kit” including a tube and enough strips to make a blank for a Wallstreet/Sierra/Gatsby type pen. Or you can watch for free. These size blanks sell for about $40 at most suppliers so this is a real bargain. If you are a caster, you can take the blank home and cast for yourself. Cody has also made a generous offer to cast for those who can’t and he will bring the cast blank to the next meeting. I have also made similar blanks and just built up a CA finish to final diameter. Time permitting, I will show some of that at this meeting or at least tell you how. More details of that process at November meeting.

We will using clear nail polish to adhere the strips to the tube. If you happen to have a bottle, please bring it. We will have a few to share, but the more, the merrier. Same for if you have a tool that looks like this or something similar.

Here’s what your finished pen will look like:


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