Richmond Penturners May 9 2019

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.
Richmond Woodcraft
Thursday May 9
6:30 pm

1. Show off your pens – bring in the latest and greatest to share

2. This meeting will be a another hands on, this time making leather pen blanks. Members will have a choice to make one or more of three styles, maybe all three!
a) Stacked squares of leather of different widths and colors (this needs to be turned after glue up)
b) Spiral wrap – these can be dyed on surface or just the edges
c) Longitudinal wrap – these can be colored, embossed with stamps or decorated with pyrography

What to bring: All materials will be donated to the club. We have a supply of tubes for the Wallstreet II/Sierra style pens, but if you have extras bring them along. If you want to make a different style pen, bring tubes for that style or get them at the store. If you want to make a pen of different style with stacked squares, bring a drill bit for the tube size. Some variations use plastic or wooden trim pieces on the ends and need a little turning. All stacked versions need to be turned with periodic thin CA application. If you want to turn at the meeting, bring your favorite tool and CA. Else you can finish in your workshop. If you’ve done any leather stamping or pyrography and have some stamps or pyrography equipment, bring it along. Our supply of these will be very limited.

See you there!
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