Richmond Penturners July 11 2019

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.
Richmond Woodcraft
Thursday July 11, 2019
6:30 –

This month we’re going nuts!
1. Show off your pens – bring your latest and greatest to share
2. Demo will be making centerbands, finials and nibs using Tagua nuts and Micronesian palm nuts, both of which are called vegetable ivory. If you have turned anything from vegetable ivory whether it’s a pen or not bring it along and talk a little about it. I will also be showing a short video on making some very decorative button from these.
3. A couple of months ago, I asked for some meeting topic suggestions. Below is a compiled list. In the interest of getting more involved in the club, I would like for some folks top step up and prepare a presentation on one or more of these. If you don’t already know how to do these, learn and teach us. It can be joint presentation with another turner, a stand-alone demo, or a group activity where you assemble supplies and recover your costs at the meeting. So pick one or two, and let me know when you will be ready. Nothing now planned for September and beyond except for November when we will likely do more pens for the troops. I can help if needed. Thanks for your support.

1. Other finishes besides CA
2. Sanding techniques for blanks with light and dark material to avoid contamination of the lighter wood.
3. The Skew Chisel (and other tools?)
4. A night to discuss and show pen jigs that we have made.
5. A night to discuss various suppliers and bring wood and blanks that we can share with the group.
6. How members organize and store the many items that are needed for pen making. Seeing photos on mobile phones might give those of us that have a drawer full of bushings some organizational ideas.
7. Making pen boxes or stands
8. Shark vertebrae or alligator jaw bones
9. Making feather blanks
10. Making a steam punk blank
11. Postage stamps
12. Bottle stoppers
13. Duck calls
14. Compact mirrors
15. Shaving brushes/kits
16. Metal core ring
17. Celtic knot
18. Segmenting
19. Scroll sawn blanks.
20. A lesson on the different kinds of fountain pens, the filling systems, the nibs,
21. The art works associated with the high end/art forms
22. The history of the pen as a gift.
23. Polymer clay pens
24. Multi-axis pens
25. Dip pens
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