Richmond Penturners - January 14, 2016

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.

1) Show off your pens
2) March Demo
3) Demo and Group Participation

This month we will be making an aluminum click pens. All who want to participate can buy the parts at cost ($10.00). We will set up two lathes, demonstrate how to tap threads for the Schmidt click mechanism and all will have a chance to cut threads for their pen. No requirement to buy the parts. If you just want to watch, that’s ok too. There are many variations of this design and it truly is the best click mechanism on the market. Once everyone has finished the first step, I will demo how to turn a nib from Corian. The “kit” parts consist of
1 aluminum tube
1 Schmidt click mechanism
1 Parker style Schmidt Easy flow refill
1 Spring
1 Snap-on clip (Fisher Space Pen Type)
1 piece of Corian

I also have a few extra taps for this mechanism that I got a good deal on if anyone wants. First come first serve. $2.00. If you miss out and still want one, they’re fairly cheap on EBay.



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