Richmond Penturners January 10 2019

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.
Next meeting of Richmond Penturners is Thursday January 10 at 6:30 pm
Richmond Woodcraft

1) Show off your pens (especially watch parts if you have)
2) This will be a “hands-on” meeting making a watch parts blank. Cody Walker and I will assist members on preparing the blank. $5 if you want to participate, free to watch.

I have several types of Wall Street II (Sierra, etc) tubes in several configurations depending on what you want to try. If you want to use a different kit, bring your own tubes.
I will supply tubes, 3 colors of fiber tubing for base, watch parts. CA, accelerator, bending forms, and other equipment necessary to make the blank. Once made, you can cast with clear resin, find someone to do it for you, or build up with CA as I have done in the example below.

Not necessary, but it would be helpful if you can bring the following:
CA (both thin and medium) and accelerator
Dremel tool (will be using with sanding drum – I have plenty of sanding drums, but only 1 Dremel)
Dapping block
Punch set (see picture)


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