Richmond Pentuners Mtg July 12, 2018

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Mar 8, 2006
Richmond, VA, USA.
Richmond Woodcraft
Thursday July 12

1) Show off your pens. Bring in your latest to show off!

2) The demos will be a learning session hopefully with a lot of participation.

Part 1: Individuals turning a few passes on a maple blank with the tool of their choice. The purpose of this exercise is to see what tools can provide the smoothest surface without sanding. Each demonstrator will describe the tool they use, why, and how they sharpen it. I will have some blanks from the same piece of lumber sanded to different grits. I will supply the blanks and lathe setup. Just bring your favorite tool(s). If you are more of a novice and are unsure of turning in front of others, look at this as a learning session. I hope there will be a few more experienced in the group that can suggest improvements for tool use and sharpening. At the last meeting, a number committed to bringing a tool and demoing but we really want some others. The more we see the more we can learn. Anticipate 5-10 minutes per person

Committed from last meeting:
Spindle gouge
Carbide insert
Spindle master
Roughing gouge

Part 2: Finishing – same as above – Bring in your favorite finish and let us know how you do it. I have some blanks ready to finish or bring your own. The list below is not inclusive

Committed from last meeting:
Woodturners Finish

Beall Buff over Shellac

CA versus CA with BLO over a burl –
Dry versus Wet Sanding –

Part 3: Time permitting

Filling porous wood with grain filler

Demo of GluBoost CA and accelerator including using tint with CA – this was demonstrated at the AAW in Portland
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