Reclaimed or scrapwood PITH blank

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Jan 2, 2012
Green Bay, Wi
This is one of the blanks that Ash (whteglve) sent me in the latest PITH exchange. The blank was scrap wood recast into a fantastic looking pen blank. The Pen kit is the PSI Magnetic Graduate Rollerball with Chrome fittings. I have lengthened the top barrel 1/2 inch to make it look more proportionate to the longer lower barrel, a 3" to 2" ratio. Sanded to 400, 8 coats of thick CA, sanded to 1200, and polished with One Step Plastic Polish. This crappy scrap wood would have been thrown away and deemed unuseabel for a pen blank if not for some outside the box thinking. Thank you Ash for the pen, case, and blanks !! Jim S


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