Razor sets and a challenge

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Jan 12, 2013
Tehachapi, CA
Here are today’s efforts three Mach Three razor sets using exhibition Bethlehem olive wood, blue dyed box elder burl and hemp wood. All are very glossy as the lights were adjusted to reduce reflections. The hemp wood razor and stand were fairly straightforward though I was gentle in my passes. The shave brush was an issue as it split off a fairly large chunk partway through turning. I glued it back using thick CA let it dry and used several coats of thin CA to toughen everything up. Well, it worked but I left the shape less than my usual idea and took a win. Use fresh carbide and NOT sharpened ones and hemp wood can be in your sales.

My usual finish:
Sand with 400 grit
Clean with alcohol
Let dry
4 coats of thin (5 cps) EZ Bond CA
Spray lightly with Stickfast aerosol
Thin EZ Bond CA (50 cps) “pen finish”
Spray lightly with Stickfast aerosol
Repeat 10-12 times reversing lathe after 4 coats
Let cure
Sand with 400 grit
Buff with the first two buffs in the Beale buff

It will look like these razor sets.


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