Raleigh, NC Chapter Meeting for August

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Mar 27, 2011
Holly Springs, NC
The first meeting of the Raleigh, NC AIP chapter is now behind us. We are well on our way to growing the group and I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

I wanted to pass along the information on being able to contact each other as well as include those that weren’t able to attend but want to be part of the group.

Our next meeting will be in Sept. probably the 29th. This is the last Thursday of the month. Keep an eye out on the IAP website for updates and emails.

If anyone is interested in performing a demo, please let me know as the agenda is not set.

A big thank you goes out to Jonathon for the demo on the CA finish technique and to everyone for the great discussions that took place. I know I learned a few things from everyone at the meeting.

Some of the toolbox items we discussed during the meeting:
Must Have:
1. Lathe – or borrow someone’s
2. Turning tools
3. Mandrel
4. Bushings for the kits you want to turn
5. Pen blank
6. Pen kit
7. Sand paper – recommend 150-600 grit
8. Finish – friction or CA
9. Glue for the pen tubes – CA, epoxy, gorilla
10. Hand clamp – to assemble the pen kits
11. Pen Mill – to square the ends of the pen blanks prior to turning on the lathe
12. Drill bit – to match the tube in the kit
13. Drilling method for the blanks – either a floor or bench top drill press, drill press conversion for a hand drill or lathe chuck and a drill chuck head.

Nice to have:
1. Micro Mesh
2. Carbide turning tools
3. 60 degree live center
4. Pen Press
5. Lathe Chuck and spigot jaws
6. CA accelerant for CA finish
7. Calipers
8. Disc sander and blank alignment tool for squaring off the blank ends before turning

I’m sure I may have missed something but, the list could go on for a while.

Thank you,
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