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Feb 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
Following is text from an e-mail I received from R and B Crafts. Hope it may help some folks.

" Thank you for all new subscribers who have signed up for our mailing list! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

We have a few good sales going on through June 20th. All of our pen kits are on sale at 25% off. Tru-Stone prices have increased, but we haven't raised or prices yet. Most other suppliers have already raised their prices so this is the last chance before we increase ours. Be sure to check out our odds and ends section too. There are a lot of Tru-stone blocks of various sizes and not only are they not increased, they are 10% off until June 20th. There are several other good deals as well throughout the site so be sure to check other items!

Thanks again! We really appreciate your business!
Sincerely, Richard "
Signed-In Members Don't See This Ad
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