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Fred Bruche

Feb 11, 2018
Philadelphia 19146
As promised, here are a few more pictures of my entry for the Pretty Wood Contest. I tried to show the accent pieces better than in the original pictures, but the conditions weren't ideal when I took the pictures.
Again, the kit's name is Blingless Harvest (from Timberbits), I only have the rhodium version but with the right wood, it would likely look great in gold titanium. I was limited to use the same wood for the accent pieces but I see many possibilities to make a finished pen even more appealing. The amount of blank left after turning on the cap and body tubes is about 1.4mm, i.e. not much compared to other kits. And the wood is desert ironwood burl, first time using it' probably won't be the last :)
Who's interested in a Blingless Harvest Contest for a future BASH? I am :biggrin:


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