PSA: cupped boards cut on a bevel

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May 16, 2019
I’m making a humidor for my dad and thought I had perfect cuts when I mitered the sides of the box. But I put it together and found that The short end of each side had an ever so slight fingernail profile such that you couldn’t get the corners glued up well without a fairly noticeable gap at the top and bottom.

I was flummoxed. My saw blade and miter gauge were dead on. I figured I must have some wobble or something. I did some research and turns out that when you cut a beveled miter on a cupped board, you get that fingernail profile. So I checked my boards and sure enough, there was a slight (1/64 or1/32) sliver of light between my square and the board in the center!

I’m going to flatten them out and then recut the bevels. One more thing I will check going forward.


Aug 19, 2013
Rochester, Mass
If you dont flatten your boards in their relaxed state the sides will eventually rip apart from the stress or wanting to cup after the glue up.
Can you provide some pictures of the event you are talking about that we may evaluate the situation?
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