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Aug 16, 2018
Longmont, Colorado
So I wanted to try my hand at making multiple pens at once instead of the "just one to completion routine" today. It was initially a bit daunting for me to be honest because I've heard anecdotes from production turners about how it can start to feel like a slog churning out pens in a row, how it can get kind of soulless. Well, I figured I'd use one of the 10-pack of 2" radius cutters AZCarbide put up for sale here recently and give myself every chance to enjoy it, you know?

These blades are OUTSTANDING. No throwaway feeling in the hand. I noted no weird defects in any of them, and each generously came with its own screw, which is great for someone who loves to lose fiddly bits in shavings.

IMG_20190826_153147.jpg IMG_20190826_152129.jpg

I'm already halfway through this set of ten and had to remind myself to stop because I'm having so much fun turning. They're a delight to use.


... honestly, my only gripe is that it took me an embarrassingly long time picking one up off the floor when it landed face-side down, because it's so FLAT I swear it was sticking to the linoleum. :/

Much appreciation to Ronnie for putting that sale up. If you didn't catch it don't fret; I would've paid for these full-price had I experienced the quality beforehand. You can get the radius cutters here - he also has other styles. Thanks for a productive and fun turning session!


Dec 22, 2017
Wolf Creek Montana
"and each generously came with its own screw, which is great for someone who loves to lose fiddly bits in shavings."

I too have the issue of dropping small parts just about everywhere. Run down to HF and pick up a extendable magnetic pick up tool
15 Lbs. Capacity Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool
Cost is 4.99. You can run it through mounds of shavings and it will find your lost part. Also works good for the small impossible nooks and cranny's I can't get my fingers in. You can also get a 20% off coupon from most magazines or in store.
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