primo stabilized maple burl, redwood burl and casting scraps

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
Sold I have a mix of 11 redwood burl and 4 maple burl. $20 for all of them

Sold. I have a group of 9 stabilized buckeye burl. The larger ones are 1.5 inches across so you could get two blanks out of them. $40 bucks for all of them.

Sold. I had a huge spalted maple burl I have been cutting into blanks and stabilizing. Here is 8 great stabilized blanks, great color and figure. $50.

Sold. I have a box of maple and buckeye casting pieces. Nice stuff lots of natural edge perfect for hybrids. $55 shipped. The largest piece is 12 inches long.

Let me know if you want them all I will make you a deal.


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