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IAP Activities Manager
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Jul 5, 2009
Fort Myers FL
There are 23 entries into the Pretty wood pen contest this year. I will divide them into 2 polls, the top 5 of each poll will run off in a final poll. Vote for 3 of your favorite pens in each poll. Make sure you come back at the end of the week and vote in the final round.

Pen 1

Pen kit is the Apollo Infinity rollerball from Pennstate Industries. The wood is purple heart and finished with a shellac sealer and then several coats of Blu Boost.

pw pen 1a.jpeg.jpeg

pw pen 1b.jpeg

pw pen 1c.jpeg

Pen 2
Wood is Spalted Oak Burl
Kit is the Blade

pw pen 3a.jpeg

pw pen 3b.jpeg

pw pen 3c.jpeg

Pen 3

pw pen 5a.jpg

pw pen 5b.jpg

Pen 4

The wood I used for this cigar pen is (FOG) West Tx. "Mesquite".

pw pen 7a.JPG

pw pen 7b.JPG

pw pen 7c.JPG

Pen 5

The wood is Spalted She Oak - it is not stabilized
Pen kit is a Magnetic Zen RB

pw pen 9a.jpg

pw pen 9b.jpg

pw pen 3c.jpeg

Pen 6

The wood is "Hop Hornbeam" burl - aka Ontario Ironwood

The pen hardware is the Eros Calligraphy Pen from William Wood Write

pw pen 11a.JPG

pw pen 11b.JPG

pw pen 11c.JPG

Pen 7

The wood is Honduras rosewood (burl)
The hardware is Blingless Harvest

pw pen 13a.jpg

pw pen 13b.jpg

pw pen 13c.jpg

Pen 8

Olive Wood on PSI Slimline Pro

This submission uses all parts from the PSI Slimline Pro kit which is a nice length.
If you wonder about the center band, it is there, but underneath the wood.
I like long, uninterrupted blanks to show off the beauty of the wood to best effect.
The blank had broken into two pieces without any fragmentation. The break is not even visible
now unless you know where to look. It is at the narrow brown band just below the blank center.
So, to preserve the grain alignment I temporarily held the two pieces together and
drilled the full length of the blank. The pieces were then separated again.
I joined the two brass tubes using the center band (as intended) and fitted the two wood
pieces together over the combined long brass tube with glue included to make full length.
I then turned down to size which is what you see. The resulting wood diameter is 0.53".
The internal brass is about 0.42" at the center band. The result shows the wood's beauty.

The finish is multiple coats of thin CA, sanded and polished to perfection.

pw pen 15a.JPG

pw pen 15b.JPG

pw pen 15c.JPG

Pen 9

Wood Used - Spalted Myrtle Burl

pw pen 17a.JPG

pw pen 17b.JPG

pw pen 17c.JPG

Pen 10

The pretty wood I chose to use was Naturally Stabilized (Petrified) FOG* Wood from an ancient forest in what is now Oregon.

*Found On Ground

pw pen 19a.jpeg

pw pen 19b.jpeg

pw pen 19c.jpeg

Pen 11
The blank is Canadian birch, cut from waste hardwood flooring, turned and finished with 6 coats of thin CA glue, followed by micro mesh to 12,000 grit. The blank was turned for a gold Rockler Cigar kit.

pw pen 21a.jpg

pw pen 21b.jpg

pw pen 21c.jpg

Pen 12
Curly Tasmanian Black Wood

pw pen 23a.jpg

pw pen 23b.jpg

pw pen 23c.jpg


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