Gift Pot luck - free kits in various stages of glue up or turned or maybe unused. Don't know and don't want to throw out.

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Carl Fisher

Jun 7, 2011
Palm Harbor, FL
I have a box of kits that mostly have blanks glued up but never turned, maybe slightly over turned or otherwise just never got around to turning. There are probably a handful of kits as well without any blanks glued up but mostly these are in some state of progress.

I don't have the heart to throw out this many kits so they're yours free. Turn off the blanks that are on there and redo it with your own or finish what's already started and put it together. No promises as to the state of anything as it's been many many years since I worked with kits and I really just don't want to dive into them.

Pay for shipping and they're yours. If you're feeling kind, send me back a finished pen from the batch. Even if you want spare parts it's worth that. I don't think I can get it in a SFRB but I have some Amazon stuff on the way that should give me a box I can throw it all in. Probably wouldn't cost more than $10 to ship it in the states.

First come, first served. I wont' separate and I'll go in order of replies to this thread so reply here before messaging me.


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