Poor Pen Blank.

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May 23, 2018
United Kingdom
Could anybody please help with with this problem.
I am trying to cast some pen blanks with a company name and phone number on them.
I am using waterproof vinyl paper on an inkjet printer, I am using Amazing clear cast resin.
I am leaving the blank in my pressure pot for two days and then once it is out of the pressure pot I am leaving it for a further three days before I am turning it.
After I have gone through the micro pads I am left with a blank that is cloudy (the label is supposed to be black) plus each end of the blank has gone grey.
I have attached a picture hoping it can help.


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    pen blank1.jpg
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Jun 29, 2012
Wilmington, MA
Looks like you will have to apply a sealing coat over the ink (after it's glued to the tube) - it seems the resin is acting as a solvent and the ink is migrating into it. If you are using two-part resin, it could be either the resin or the hardener/catalyst which is the main culprit.

You could try coating with CA, or perhaps Krylon fixative. To experiment, all you need is a sample of the printed label, and a drop of the casting resin and watch what happens over time. Seal an area with CA, leave part unsealed, and see if there's a visible difference after a couple of days.
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