Poll: Summer Extravaganza Kitless Pen Contest

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Kitless Contest Poll - vote for one!

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Jul 11, 2012
Grand Junction, Colorado
I apologize for starting this poll over. One of the entries went to my spam folder and didn't make it into the original poll. Please vote again, and vote for one entry.

Entry 1

Reserve golf pencil. Who likes them short things anyway. I wanted an easy to find one that I could keep in my bag.

I took a golf club and cut the mid section out so the top and bottom could be used. A bic pen refill was used. It is a collapsible pen that when collapsed is short 17 inches long and a sweet 31 inches when extended.

Entry 2

Double casted blank, edison nib. Alumilite blanks were made in a two part process, where the darker color was first cast, then cut into strips which were placed into the mold and then cast with the second color. The nib, clip and converter were purchased. The section, barrels and threaded cap were drilled, tapped and threaded by the maker.

Entry 3

My pen is made from vintage French galalith, the embellishments are 6061 aluminum with an Aventure stone cabochon finial. The section is made with Japanese ebonite which is matched with a fine #6 Jowo nib. The total length of the pen is 5 and 3/4 inches and it is 13.7 mm diameter at the center band.

I really enjoy the challenges of working with these materials! I hope you all like my pen!

Entry 4

My pen is made from mild steel with stainless steel stripes which are silver soldered into the body of the pen.
The mild steel is then treated with gun blue blackening liquid to accentuate the different colours of steel used.
The end caps and the clip are machined from stainless steel.
The clip is screwed to the body with torx screws.
This is my first attempt at making a kitless pen. I also made a tap to cut the threads which are triple start with a 3mm pitch.

Entry 5

I poured the blank for this pen using alumilite and pearl-ex powders. I'm fairly new to making kitless pens so I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. It is actually my first fully functional kitless fountain pen. The nib is a #5 JOWO fude nib. I used a 9MM and 12 MM tap and die set to create the body and cap of the pen. I also fashioned a roll stop for the cap of the pen by turning it to size, polishing it, and sanding the bottom of the roll stop into a curve so that it glued to the cap evenly. Thank you!

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