Penturning history in Chicago

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Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
In the mid-1990's, several pictorial-tutorial books were written and photographed about the new "craft": penturning. Many of these books were authored by Dick Sing. Most of us "old-time penturners" consider Dick the father of the "craft" because his books were most prolific (he did nine) and wide-ranging in content.

In one of his early books, he strayed away from wood and ventured into CORIAN as a medium for penmakers!!! Then, he added a few 1/4" holes and dowels, creating a whole new look---the rudimentary elements that would later blossom into segmentation!!

So it was quite a surprise to see Dick Sing attending the IAP "Chicagoland" meeting this morning!! Even reminded me where I learned to let a drill bit "seek center" before locking the tailstock--Dick is still a storehouse of information about proper penmaking. It was a real pleasure to see him again and give nearly 40 attendees a chance to learn a little about the beginnings of penturning as well as getting a chance to meet one of the prominent gentle-men who made penturning fun and challenging.

Thank you, Dick for attending the meeting and thank you for all you have done for penmaking!!

Hope to see you again, SOON!!
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