Pen Turning Starter Set - 2nd Amendment Bolt Action Pen Blanks

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Offering 3 2nd Amendment pen blanks for the popular PSI Bolt Action kits.
3/8" tube on pen blanks honoring the 2nd Amendment.
Sale Price $24 for the set of 3 bolt pen blanks
Take one or more sets and Change the mix if you like

#1445 - 2nd Amendment Text on Parchment background
#1447 - 2nd Amendment Text with Image of Thomas Jefferson
#7891 - "When all is gone ..."

Free Shipping in the USA
Any pen shown is for reference and not part of the offer
2nd Ammendment - Script - Parchment-Bolt.jpg2nd Ammendment - Script - Parchment-Jefferson.pngWatermark When All is Taken Bolt - V 3.1.png3 Blank Collage.JPGKneeling Knight Closeup_2033.pngfreeshipping.png
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