Pen Turning Lore IV: The Path To Pen Turning Enlightenment

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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
Pen Turning Lore, Myths and Fables - IV

The Path To Pen Turning Enlightenment
Dante identified 9 spheres of heaven.
Hinduism and Buddhism have pathways toward Nirvana.
Freud defined various levels of Consciousness
Led Zeppelin had “Stairway To Heaven”
… Heck, even Pokemon Cards have levels of evolution.

Good news IAP! A recently discovered historical text of penultimate archaeological importance has turned up in Northern Ohio.

"Universum faciendi stylo modi - non est eruca scientiae”
Written by: Ad calvitium Jefferey monachus

For those of you who can’t read latin or Google the translation, here it is:

“The Universal methods of making a pen - It Ain’t Rocket Science” Written by: Jeffe The Monk

The revered Monk Jeffe defines Pen Turning Enlightenment as:

“The stages of attaining knowledge or insight from actual practical experience that leads to a level of awareness that frees a pen turner from the cycle of repeating past mistakes - Pen Turning Enlightenment.”

He further identifies these practical stages:

1. Turn A True Newbie Pen of any kind
2. Turn A Hard-To-Write-With Pen
3. Turn A Decent Single tube Pen
4. Turn A Decent Double tube Pen
5. Turn A Pretty Wood Pen
6. Turn An Advanced Pen
7. Turn A Freestyle Pen
8. Turn A Kitless Pen
9. Turn A Segmented Pen, and you are fully enlightened

While nobody can honestly question the wisdom of Jeffe The Monk he further adds the final qualification:

“Stages 1-8 are, in the words of the Pirate Barbosa -
Mere suggestions rather than hard and fast rules”.
Save yourself some time, skip to mastering Segmented Pens,
become fully enlightened and enter the
Segmented Pen Contest.”

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Jul 17, 2017
Washington, IN
Sure takes a lot of words to try and convince folks to enter a contest that only the Top Dogs stand a chance of winning.

Why not save your breath for time at the Lathe and get a pen ready for an entry in the Pretty Resin Pen Contest
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