Pen making care package

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Mar 25, 2019
I recently got a new set of Norseman drills and thought I would try to find someone getting started who needs some drill bits. I have many bits that I purchased with pen kits along the way that will cover a lot of kits on the market. I have a few other things lying around, so I decided to make a sort of starter package out of it. I hope someone who is just getting started in pen making could use these tools to explore new pen kits. Along with the bits, I am also throwing in my pen reamers and carbide cutter since I no longer use a pen mill. The drill bits are in fine shape; some need a cleaning. The pen reamers are in good condition, and the Whiteside carbide cutter is basically new.

Drill bits: 7mm 8mm 10mm 10.5mm 11mm 12.5mm 9/32 11/32 23/64 3/8 25/64 13/32 27/64 7/16 15/32
Pen mills: 7mm 8mm 10mm 10.5mm 12.5mm 3/8 25/64 27/64 15/32

I have a few other items I no longer use that may be useful to a new penmaker that I will also throw into the box:

- Drill press vice

- lathe mount pen press

- PSI EZ-Glide tool rests

- 6 piece Punch Set for disassembly

$35 shipped within the U.S. to cover USPS MFRB priority shipping and a 6-pack :cool: . I am also open to trades on this if someone prefers—wood, segmenting materials, etc.

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