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Sep 6, 2013
Dawsonville, GA
Some pen kits for sale. Note the age of these varies and the refills may be dried out as any resale pen kits you would buy can be. I will hopefully be posting some other blanks for sale tomorrow in case anyone wants to combine shipping.

Must claim in thread, I will PM my payment info either paypal or venmo. Shipping to US only and the least expensive flat rate method I can squeeze into. Starting at $8.45 for SFRB.

Lastly I've noted if I have bushings for any of these, I'm throwing them in free of charge, please verify they are correct on your end. If I have multiple of the same kit whoever orders the first version of that kit gets the bushings.

1 Eagle Rollerball- $18 this is the old style

3 Jr Retro Rhodium Fountain $20 each

2 Jr Retro 10k Gold Fountain $15 each

2 Jr Retro Copper Rollerball $15 each

1 awesome combo of a Sierra Vista in Black Ti and Ti Gold with a Pheasant feather blank $30

2 PSI Skull ballpoint Antique Brass $12 each

2 PSI Skull ballpoint Antique Copper $12 each

2 Victorian Twist 24k gold ballpoint $10 each

1 Victorian Twist antique brass ballpoint $10

2 Victorian Twist gun metal ballpoint $10 each

1 Victorian Twist antique pewter ballpoint $10

2 Wrench pen kits from Woodcraft, 1 is antique pewter and 1 is antique brass, includes bushings $12

1 Gear Shift Antique Pewter ballpoint $12

1 Gear Shift Antique Brass ballpoint $12

3 gunmetal Revolver (woodcraft) ballpoint includes bushings $10 each

2 45 bullet pens (Berea) 1 is antique copper the other is antique brass. Includes bushings and one pen that is assembled that I didn't turn for parts. $14

8 American Pride Lever Action ballpoint in Antique Brass have bushings and a few tubes $12 each
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