Pen for a well-traveled Eagle Scout

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Dec 1, 2020
Fairfax, Virginia

Got an email today from a mom I haven't talked to since 2016. Their son, who was a Scout in our Troop until they moved, just earned Eagle Scout and asked if I would write a letter for his upcoming Court of Honor, which is soon.
I actually started turning pens because I wanted to make gifts for the youth who earned Eagle Scout in our Troop. So I put that on today's to-do list after work.
This family is awesome... they move every few years with the parent's State Department jobs. The youth spent time Scouting all over the US, but also in Kenya, Honduras and El Salvador.
I decided to use Honduran Rosewood to represent the Scout's time in Central America. But what about Africa? I need to post the pen soon if it's to arrive in time.
I checked the mail box and found a package from PersonMakeObject with his end of a swap we arranged. He graciously included a few strips of gabon ebony... bingo!!
(PersonMakeObject... if the ebony you sent wasn't from gabon... keep that inconvenient fact to yourself... I like the way this story of serendipity is shaping up.) 🤣
So I started the day with a gratifying email, received a package with wonderful stuff from a penpal, and brought it all together with some time turning a quick pen. I love this hobby!
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