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Apr 29, 2010
Montreal, Qc. Canada
Sierra & alike blanks
10/16" dia. x 2-1/2"

Cast under high pressure with Alumilite resins
Burl Caps
$6.75usd per blank

004 copy.jpg WB.jpg
010 copy.jpg WB.jpg
017 copy.jpg WB.jpg

Big Pine Cones
$7.50usd per blank

005  copy.jpg WB.jpg
004 copy.jpg WB.jpg
006 copy.jpg WB.jpg

Cholla Cactus
$9.25usd per blank

007 copy.jpg WB.jpg
006 copy WB.jpg
008 copy.jpg WB.jpg

Cigar bands
$11.95usd per blank

008 copy.jpg EB.jpg
002 copy.jpg WB.jpg
002 copy.jpg WB.jpg

Bullet pen kits
$14.50usd per kit

004 copy.jpg WB FB.jpg

The real thing...
Authentic: 30.06 with Full Metal Jacket
American made Brass casings (Winchester, Remington and others) with US made FMJ Bullets
Machined and assembled to a "Mint Quality Finish"

The casings are free from "dings nor scratches"
The clips and caps are 24K Gold plated

The blanks shown above were taken from our website inventory .
You can mix any blanks and/or kits from the website with the ones shown above.

Buyer pays for up to 10 Sierra's blanks:
$7.95usd for S&H to the USA via "USA Air-mail service"
$11.95usd for S&H to Canada via Expedited.

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