Pen blanks for sale: buckeye, maple, amboyna

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
I have three groups of pen blanks I would like to sell.
These are 8 dyed stabilized ocean blue buckeye burl blanks. These are jumbo blanks 7/8+ thick. I was going to dye these a second time in green or black but like the way they turned out. No sanding at all on these blanks and the figure just pops. Turn them as is or dyed and stabilize them a second color. I cut one in half to show the color goes all the way through. This is what I have so when they are gone there is no more. $48.

group 2: Mixed group starting in the upper left corner, 3 stabilized dyed green maple Burl, 2 dyed black stabilized silky oak, 3 silky oak jumbo blanks, 2 amboyna Burl, 1 dyed green and stabilized two tone amboyna (crack), q stabilized ambrosia maple Burl. $ 50

group 3: A mixed bag of buckeye and box elder Burl. Nice color and spalting in this group. The buckeye are mostly jumbo blanks, I would stabilize these for best results. The maple is over 1.5 wide so you should be able to get two blanks per block. Real nice black line spalting. $25 bucks plus shipping


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