Pen blanks and an amazing brand new/never used screw chuck

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Aug 16, 2017
Fairview (north of Dallas), Texas
Okay, got some stuff to sell. All items are $5 shipping except the brand new Screw Chuck.

Green-Pine Cone 1.jpg

Alumilite, green, pine cone blank. $10 plus shipping.

Flame Boxelder Burl.jpg

Flame boxelder bur, stabilized. Can be hard to find. Must be all six for $35 plus shipping.

Rockler Sanding Pack.jpg

I don't this type of sanding solution any more. This box is brand new--never opened or used.
$10 plus shipping.

Green Pine Cone 2.jpg

Another alumilite green with pine cone. $10 plus shipping.

Blue Hybrid.jpg

Hybrid blue burl $12 plus shipping.

U.S. Marines.jpg

US Marine insignia on tube. It's the size tube and cut for the PSI bolt action series.
$12.00 plus shipping.

Gaboon Ebony.jpg

Can't figure out how to flip it around, but there are two ebony blanks 1x1x6. Must buy both
for $17 plus shipping.

Screw Chuck.jpg

Okay, this is hard to explain but you can read yourself. This is the Glaser Hi Tech engineering
screw chuck. Not cheap but people tell me it's the absolute best. I have not even got it near a lathe-
brand new, never used. I can email you the receipt/order if you'd like. Brand new they are $175, I also bought the 3/8 screw check replacement. Total for those two items is $220. Shipping $20. I'll sell both for $165 and $15 shipping.

Here's the link to this product:

Shredded Money.jpg

Money blank $10 plus shipping.

Okay, that's it. Let me know if you want anything. Steven Crofts (469) 644-7127


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    Blue Hybrid.jpg
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Feb 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
Good deal on that Glaser screw chuck. I have one and absolutely love it. The screws on these are well made and have sharp threads that really bite.

Good luck with the sale.
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