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Nov 9, 2010
Benton, Arkansas
I'm in a bind and need to order a 60* live center... I have orders to finish. I'll order it from Exotic Blanks and add a few kits & bushings to the mix and maybe a blank or 2 and some pen boxes. The shipping is going to be $7.95 no matter what I bring in for myself. This is an off-week for my expendable cashflow so I'm on a $50 budget.

If any of you guys in the general vicinity of Benton/Bryant want to piggyback some kits or blanks on my order let me know and I'll add it.... I'm hoping to at least get a first tier discount out of the deal.

I'll order this coming Friday, the 13th, and I'll pay for the initial order out of pocket and when I get the stuff in I'll re-pack whatever you order and we can meet up somewhere... maybe at the county line ;)
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