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Dec 22, 2017
Wolf Creek Montana
As many of you know, for the last two years I've been commissioned to make knives for the annual Sailors awards for the USS Billings. The sponsor of the annual awards is done by the "Friends of the USS Billings" and my knives are presented at a ceremony where the knives are handed out to those that have been outstanding Sailors on the ship. I consider this to be a very great honor and I'm more than willing to offer these small tokens to our Sailors, after all, they're protecting all of us. So I started thinking about doing a fund raiser of some sort for the Friends of the USS Billings in an attempt to hope fill their coffers for other events in the future. So I reached out to an IAP blank maker (@Lathemaster) and asked Mike to make an acrylic blank for me to use as a fund raising pen, my first for 2021. For a good cause, people in Montana will support these groups, especially our Military. So here's what Mike and I ended up with.
The pen is a PSI Vertex Bolt Action pen done in Gun Metal. Nice pen, a bit heavy but still nice.
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pictures and a special shout out to Mike for doing such a good job.

BTW, the small block of wood supporting the pen is from the U.S. Battleship USS California from WWII. If anyone knows how to get a piece of teak decking off the USS Alabama please let me know, it's the last piece I need to complete my collection of U.S. Battleship wood from Battleships from WWII. Thanks again.

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