Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Blanks (rare)

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Jul 17, 2017
Washington, IN
You won’t see these very often. This is a batch of Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Blanks. I have 22 total available at $3.50 each.

These are 1x1x5.25 white oak with the char on one side.
We can get 8 in a Small Flat Rate Box for $7.20
We can get twice that many in a padded Flat Rate envelop for the same $7.20
All of them will easily fit in a Medium Flat Rate Box for $13.65.

If you are interested in all of them I will sell for $60 and throw in a few other Heaven Hill Distillery blanks (maker’s of Old Fitzgerald) that I cannot identify the brand for. Shipping will be $13.65

I will included a certificate of authenticity for the wood with each blank.

Payment by PayPal, you can claim here or via PM first come first served with updates posted each day as needed.

This will be the last of the branded blanks I offer at this time.

I will work with you on best shipping for your order if necessary to meet your needs.

Thanks for your interest.

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