Offering 2 Sets of 5 Antique Pewter Polish Retro Pen Kits - with a Crackerjack Surprise and Free Shipping

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Antique Pewter Retro style rollerball pen kits, with distinctive clip.
Medium-sized, postable lid, that you can screws effortlessly onto the cap when writing.

Offering 2 sets of 5 pen kits for $45 pet set
Bushings available for $3.50 per set
Free Shipping in the USA

Drill Sizes - Supplier Specified
• 12.6mm Bit
• 10.6mm Bit
For those concerned about the drill sizes. I did a test and Upper Barrel 1/2" and Lower Barrel 27/64" works great
Pen shown is Antique Pewter Rollerball with Bocote Barrels,
Pen shown is for reference only and not part of the offering.

Kit Image AP-No Watermark.jpgPen Open_1099.JPGcrackerjackpacket.jpgfreeshipping.png
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