Nov meeting last night

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Jun 21, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
After a bit of confusion at the start we, ( The Awsone 9) got organized and had a couple interesting demos; Phil showed how to drill by holding the blank on the inner race of the 4 jaw chuck and Ed Wood showed us how to drill antler pieces that have a curve. Most informative and very much like an off-set turning approach.
At the end of the demos we decided on a future schedule;
Dec; Phil will do CA finishes
Jan; Ed will do a Corian pen turning
Feb; Vernon Cook will do a Wall Street II Pen kit
March: Meg Turner (no pun intended) will do her first demo -- an acrylic comfort grip pen
April; Jim Zorn - -not the quarterback- -will tell us all about the IPA web site.
Come join us! We have no officers and no dues!! We are young -- ha haaaa---and novices but we would like some experts to show up. If you see this posting send me an email; Tks!
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