Next meeting 2-22-2018 Start of 5th year

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Edward Cypher

Feb 8, 2011
Denver, Colorado
Hi all,

Our next pen club meeting is this Thursday night, the 22nd, at 6:15pm in Loveland at WoodCraft. It is the start of our 5th year for the pen club so I thought we would go back and do some basic stuff. I need from everyone to bring with them several things:

1. Please bring your 1st or oldest pen that you have and the latest pen that you have made. I know this might be hard for some of our newest members, but don't worry I have something for you latter.

2. Please bring a pen or pen kit that you like or dislike and tell why you do. Or the company you got it from.

3. Please bring something you use or do that you think someone else doesn't use or know about. It can be a finish you use , sandpaper, jig, or a special tool. Or whatever you think is different that you do.

4. For the new members in the last year -- be thinking of what you want to see or learn in making pens that this club can show you or teach you. Or a technique that you have heard about that we all can learn from.

I have the demo for March set up and I am looking for someone for April and May, don't be afraid to step up and volunteer. This is a club of guys that just want to make pens and learn from each other, so help out and do your part too.

Hope to see you there for the start of another good year turning!!
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