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Mar 13, 2010
Saratoga Springs, NY
I've only been turning pens for a few months - have produced perhaps a couple of dozen so far. Some are intended as gifts, some are experiments.

Bloodwood cigar fountain pen (PSI Big Ben) - this is for me and gets regular use.

Maple with inlay - the inlay is a 3/8" dowel glued into the blank at an oblique angle. The dowel is red (bloodwood???), and is something that I had in the shop - have no clue where it came from.

Oak one-piece slim - this was an experiment following a tutorial in the library. Looks nice, but the twist mechanism isn't all that smooth.

Oak slim - Oak is not an exciting wood, but it's like meatloaf - it's comfortable.

Olivewood cigar - another PSI Big Ben, but a twist BP this time. This my favorite wood.

Pink ivory slim - nice.

Red pen - bloodwood slim. The backstory here is that many organizations have a tradition of passing a gavel down as leaders transition out. For the last six years I've been editor of a magazine, and will be handing off to my successor this fall. Since all editors need a red pen, this will be my transition gift to him.


  • Bloodwood Cigar small.JPG
    Bloodwood Cigar small.JPG
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  • Maple inlay slim small.JPG
    Maple inlay slim small.JPG
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  • Oak one-piece slim small.JPG
    Oak one-piece slim small.JPG
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  • Oak Slim small.JPG
    Oak Slim small.JPG
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  • Olivewood cigar small.JPG
    Olivewood cigar small.JPG
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  • Pink Ivory Slim small.JPG
    Pink Ivory Slim small.JPG
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  • Red Pen small.JPG
    Red Pen small.JPG
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Aug 14, 2010
Silver Spring, MD USA
They look great! It's too bad some of the photos are out-of-focus. It looks like your camera decided to focus on the background.

What do you finish them with?
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