New Year's Resolution

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Mar 19, 2017
Houston, Texas
I've never really been one for resolutions. Usually I make a somewhat counterproductive resolution, like "drink more beer" or "eat more ice cream" or "drink better coffee". Reflecting on 2018, with my daughter turning one year old in November, I decided that the time for shenanigans has past. So along with a couple of healthy diet and exercise goals for 2019, I included a resolution to turn at least one pen per week. I know it probably doesn't seem like much, but I try not to be in any sort of hurry - it's just a hobby for me, so each pen takes a while...
Here my accomplishments from January.

Triton Rollerball Capa Blanco (aka bastard stopper), "Join or Die" and "Don't Tread on Me" Ellipse (blanks were part of my 2018 Super Bowl Winnings), Accord in Mesquite burl (wood was sent to me by a generous IAP member that offered to send me some mesquite out of the blue -- he's the luckiest man in the world because his dog collects burls from the woods and drags hem into his yard), last is an Accord in Redwood Burl (wood was purchased from an IAP blank sale fundraiser, I stabilized it with CJ).


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