New Slimline - Funline Pen Kits for Sale

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Sep 10, 2017
Dallas, TX

Hi, I have some new Slimline - Funline pen kits from Penn State Industries that I no longer need. I have the following kits:

PKSLFUNCO - 5 each Copper
PKSLFUNSP - 15 each Satin Pearl
PKSLFUNCH - 15 each Chrome
PKSLFUN24 - 5 each Gold
PKSLFUNSG - 5 each Satin Gold
PKSLFUNGM - 5 each Gun Metal

If you were to buy their current 30 pen bundle (6 models X 5 ea) and add the extra 10 for the Satin Pearl and Chrome, you get a total of $88.50.

I'd like to sell as a complete lot if possible first as these are obviously inexpensive pens. I would take $75 for all 50 pens and I will throw in 2 new 7 mm drill bits and a set of new bushings, PKM-BUSH3 for free as well as priority shipping for free. Please leave a posting here that you are interested as well as send me a PM. PayPal would be the prefered payment method for speed, but I can take a check if you don't mind waiting until I get it in the mail. Thanks, David
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