New Release - Cast Pen Blank Honoring US Navy Veterans and Active Duty Sailors

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Today we are releasing a new label cast pen blank honoring the sailors and veterans of the US Navy.
Blanks are only available here until Friday Dec. 6th they go live in my online stores on Saturday.
Blanks will list for $12.00 when released by are available here for $10 each - Mix-n-Match with any
of our other USN blanks 5 or more blanks and shipping in the USA is free.
With the American Flag as a banner, the US Navy Emblem, and the recruiting tagline
"America's Navy Forged By The Sea" a full color label is printed then cast in clear epoxy resin.

Available on 3/8" tubes for all the bolt pens and on 27/64" tubes for the classic twist kits - Sierra, Gatsby, Elegant Beauty, etc.
Will custom cast to any standard pen tube upon request.

To order - comment here and send me a message to complete the transaction.

We are a licensed hobbyist of the US Navy
License #: HOB-NTLPO-QUILL01

Any pen shown is for reference and not part of the offer.
Forged By The Sea-Pen-Knight_0014.pngForged By The Sea_0001.pngForged By The Sea-Turned_0007.pngForged By The Sea-Turned_0008.pngForged By The Sea-Turned_0009.png
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